20 October 2010

Sweet B

Our humble BBD (big black dog--the most commonly euthanized in animal shelters) had his second surgery yesterday for a presumably cancerous growth on his chest. We had one growth removed from his leg and biopsied last year. We'll know in about 7 days if this one is cancer, too. He was totally looped out all afternoon and evening after the operation then kept us up all night. He just couldn't get situated and kept getting out of bed and nudging my arm with his nose. I guess he just needed his mom and dad. Today he's back to normal and thankfully not picking at his stitches. He's active and healthy...You wouldn't know anything is wrong with him, and maybe it's not, but I'm just afraid that if there are 2 two tumors we can see there are likely more that we can't. Not fair. Such a sweet, unassuming, calm and loving boy, our Book...


trash talk said...

Well you couldn't call him your Little Black Book, but you sure could call him handsome. Here's hoping those are just fatty tumors. My Jakie gets them and the vet told me not to worry as some dogs are prone to get them...unless they start changing.
It takes special people to rescue special dogs (BBD) and I'm glad I know one.

Karee said...

This may sound silly, but I didn't know dogs could get cancer. That is scary! I hope everything turns out ok for your BBBDTW (best big black dog in the world).

Christy said...

I hope Booker is going to be ok, I could just squeeze him, especially because he deserves it. I am glad he found his way into your home for some love.


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