31 October 2010

Just in {a} case

Mary sent me so many wonderful things in our Halloween swap that I worried if my package would live up. I centered my gift around this old salesman's case I found at Relics, one that just so happened to have the right pop of Halloween orange and room inside to tuck little goodies. I tore up some dictionary pages for packing paper and lined the bottom with a piece of sheet music that also just happened to be the perfect size.

Like me, Mary likes numbers and typography and old game pieces. I altered this box of old dominoes a bit, covering the lid with book pages and scrapbook paper and creating a little 3D bow with paper and ribbon. I like the heartfelt plea found on the bottom of the box.

I wrapped most little things with book pages or music, some with pieces of an old newspaper I found at STD from July 1976, a month before I was born. The engraving of the Poe quote I framed is from Deb Dusenberry's beautiful Curious Sofa in KC, so I tucked one of her business cards under the bow of that package.

Mary mentioned she likes children's books, and I particularly liked the pictures in this one.

I filled a tiny box with some anagram game tiles, a spool of orange thread and a sweet little orange glass button and made another 3D bow on top.

I altered these old photos with just some glitter masks and hats and a button or two. The little mirror is an advertising item from a beauty shop. I tucked in a few other old photos and pieces of sheet music, some numbers, a muffin tin of black and white buttons, a candle and matches and two old clock bodies.

Mary and I both love words and literature, so I used a couple of spooky quotes from a play I teach, Shakespeare's Macbeth: "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes" and "Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble," both from Act IV, Scene 1.

I didn't send along my black Halloween kitty Maya Angelou, but she sure took to curling up inside Mary's case any time I left it open on my worktable. I hope the items made it to Mary intact and brought her a little vintage Halloween happiness in faraway Fargo.


amymoran said...

You are so creative my dear friend!


Oh my gosh! I'd have been doing the happy dance for days if I'd gotten your beautiful package of treasures. Well done!


Debra@Common Ground said...

Hayley, what an amazing gift you put together for this swap. So creative and fun. love all that you included. Maya is such a cutie, she looks right at home in that great little case!


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