03 October 2010


Macauley and I shopped for pumpkins and outdoor fall decor yesterday at a place set up in the spot where we bought fireworks this summer. Not exactly a pumpkin patch, but all the goods you could want and then some. We brought home way too much.

I did some decorating on the front porch but I think I need some more mums to fluff it out. I also spent some time gathering items for my booth this afternoon and painted this chair with a burlap seat that I covered and a little black nightstand. Macauley had Megan spend the night last night and after breakfast at Waffle House they went exploring in the woods beside our house and talked me into tagging along. I ended up finding several old bottles and rusty tin cans for some fall decor in my booth, as well as some rusty accent pieces and a rusty old sign. Trying to haul it all back to the house, my foot went through a plastic drainpipe and I sliced my ankle pretty good. Macauley got some barbed wire to the knee. And now I'm sniffling and stopped up with allergies, I guess, so my productivity for the weekend might have ended right there. But it's beautiful out and life is good.

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Karee said...

I remember when I would go to the pumpkin patch. I love the picture of Macauley getting attacked by the giant cat!


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