01 January 2011

Christmas Eve

Functions with my in-laws are always light-hearted and laughter-filled. Ryan's family is louder than my own, lots of joking around and big whoops of laughter. They've always welcomed me and after almost 14 years I for sure feel like one of the fam. We traditionally spend Christmas Eve with Ryan's mother's family here in town and this year his grandfather Earl hosted. I am still laughing at one of the you-just-had-to-be-there moments during this year's gift exchange, the short version of which involved Ryan's uncle being socked in a most painful place by his grandson then later opening the Nutcracker Ale he coincidentally got as a gift...We had a nice evening then Ryan's parents came over to our house to celebrate on our own. They gave Macauley a sled. Santa did, too, but he liked this model much better. They gave us several nice things (I got a travel mitt for my Chi--what a great idea!) including season passes for all 3 of us to Silver Dollar City and White Water. Wow!

Ryan's dad has taken up woodworking in his retirement and he was sweet enough to make this I Heart My Grandma trinket for Macauley to give to Linda.

I'm so glad to be a part of this family, so grateful for my son to have such loving and generous grandparents, and grateful for my husband's parents being willing to let their little boy go and spend the big day with me and mine.

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