27 January 2011

Pillow talk

I've been contemplating a bedroom redo for quite a while now, and while new hardword floors and pulling out the sliders to convert the screened porch to an all-weather sitting area might not be on the near horizon, I'm thinking these sweet burlap pillows from Ballard could be the jumpstart to at least a new bedding set. We've had most of the bedding we have now, in Ralph Lauren's Guinevere and Aragon patterns, for several years. By far the longest I've ever lived with a comforter. I haven't found anything I want instead, but it's getting tired and we're getting tired of it. We've hedged on replacing the set, though, thinking we might upsize to a king bed to better accommodate the 90 lb. black lab mix who routinely stretches out between the Mr. and Mrs. at night. I'd also like the room for Macauley to sneak down and climb in with us from time to time to, while he's still young enough to want to. There's a country song, I think, that says something like, "Let them be little...let them sleep in the middle..." I like that. And I like these pillows. For the burlap, of course, but also because I'm happy to be the Mrs. to a Mr. I hope I can always roll over to find in the other side of my bed.

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