29 January 2011


My cleaning and purging around the house, as well as a few shopping trips, have given me lots of things to take to my little booth at the flea market. I made a trip over with a car full last Sunday.

I got a call yesterday saying that my bench had sold, so I need to go back over and straighten. I've already gathered several baskets of new things to take. I made a few of these ribbon necklaces with some baubles that I had, and I've been crafting and painting and still editing my own stuff, particularly in my office this afternoon.

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The Cranky Quen said...

Your booth looks great. Love the "love" nest signs and the great necklaces! I am a new blogger, check out my blog thecrankyqueen.blogspot.com Sign up to follow and comments appreciated! The Queen wont be so Cranky! lol Tiff


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