01 February 2011

We were warned...

Most everyone around here is talking about the first "Blizzard Warning" anyone remembers, and we woke to find it in full swing late this morning. So far it's just too pretty to seem like a blizzard, but the snow is falling fast and these paw prints have already been filled over in the 15 minutes since I snapped them. We are, of course, home from school and I'm thinking it may be a couple of days before we're back. Whatever will I do to fill the luxurious span of time in my warm and cozy house?


(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Some forget we teachers love snow days, too! Woohoo! So far I have a pot of veggie soup on the stove and am contemplating using some strawberries in the freezer to make jam. John hijacked the blog last night writing about snow forecasts. Come over and check out what he said. He may be eating crow pie for lunch today. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Karee said...

I don't remember having a blizzard in Springfield, ever. How is it that Missouri has worse weather than Utah? I think that I a first. I am sure you will find a lot to do with all your free time out of school. Have fun!


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