27 February 2011

Cover to cover

The junking fairies were totally with my mom and me this weekend during my visit to Rogers. I took lots of pictures of the pretty things I left behind and will unpack the goodies that came home with me after school tomorrow. What a fun and nourishing weekend (both mentally and physically--my parents took Macauley and me out to eat for every meal!). Not long after arriving at camp, I realized I had left my makeup and "get ready" bags on the bathroom counter at home! I don't think of myself as super high-maintenance, but I just couldn't get by without a run to the store for some of the necessities, one of which turned out the be the new issue of Flea Market Style magazine. So good! I've already looked through it more than once and spotted several of the Top 10 featured collectibles while we were out and about.

I found the Flea Market Gardens magazine a couple of days back and it's got me thinking spring (like most people, I guess, just tired of the cold and grey). Is it too premature to start cleaning off my back deck of all the leaves and gunk. to clear off and clean up the hostas I planted out back, to put up my new birdhouses? We've had snow days in March before...

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