21 February 2011

Bucket list

Just creating my wishlist on the off chance I win the giveaway from Timeless Settings over at The Shabby Nest. I can see these buckets filled with hydrangeas (or an ivy or fern I might be able to keep alive) in the middle of my kitchen table with this linen script runner underneath.
The tea towel would remind me of my whirlwind trip through Paris in 2001, just a few weeks before September 11th. My friend Keely and I flew out of the Newark airport, as did one of the fated planes that day, with not an inkling of a thought as to what would happen to our world less than a month later. We met up with 2 other girls and spent 3 days hoofing it around that beautiful city--visiting many of the landmarks stitched including the Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Coure--before heading to London via the Chunnel. I could clip some of our photos up around my house with the adorable little clothespin memo clips...

I do okay keeping my mail and bills corraled, but the job would only be prettier with this caddy, which I could also use near my computer to hold the pretty file folders my friend Janice gave me for Christmas last year. Fingers crossed I win the giveaway, but I think those buckets will be mine regardless...

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Aunt Karen said...

Hello, Hayley! I like the new blog look. We sure missed you at the wedding. Love you!


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