22 February 2011


We've been needing new bedding for a while now, and I've been shopping around at all the places I can think of to look here in town but haven't found anything that remotely grabs me. I love this linen bedding from Restoration Hardware, but our big Booker T. sleeps with us and I wonder if I'd see black dog hair all over it all the time. I like the idea of mixing some of these linen pieces, either the duvet or shams or the quilt, in with some more colorful sheets and shams. We've used Ralph Lauren bedding for as long as I can remember and other sheets just never seem as soft, but I do see some sets from Pottery Barn that are pretty.

Tucked right in there with all the bedding listings are these sweet pillows. I like them plain, but you can also have them personalized with up to 24 characters.

Macauley and I are going to visit my parents in Rogers this coming weekend. My mom and I hope to do some flea marketing, but I think I'll also stop in Pottery Barn for a closer look at any of these they carry in the stores. Lots of these are catalog/internet only, most are on sale and many of the sizes are no longer available. Watch me get my heart set on one and then find that the pieces I need are sold out. Any other wonderful bedding sources anyone could suggest? What we have is just looking so shabby, and not in the cute way...


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Ooh, that nubby linen is beautiful! I'm a sucker for a mis-matched bed. I like your idea of mixing a bunch of fun stuff up. I've found some really great PB stuff on Ebay for cheap in the past!

ps- Just saw your comment at Jeanne's and wanted to say: LOVE ME some turtle brownies from a box! :)

summersundays-jw said...

Thanks for checking in with me today -- how have I missed you??? Leola's open house is the 2nd weekend in March. If you aren't on our mailing list, sign our guest book next time you're in & you'll get our cards. Love your choices of bedding. If I'm at the shop when you come in, introduce yourself -- please. Thanks, Jan


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