20 February 2011


I just can't resist a cute white creamer, especially like this one with the flower with all the crazing and the weathered off white finish, spotted at the thrift store a few weeks ago for 99 cents. The slightly larger pitcher is from one of my favorite dealers with booths at both Relics and STD Central.
I'm loving these sweet bubble magnets I found in the dollar aisle at Michael's this afternoon. They come in sets of 3 for $2. I dug and dug through the bin but could not track down the set containing a 1 and 8. I'll have to check back. They fit in with some magnets I've had for a while from Leola's in Ozark.

I've been reading in magazines and on blogs that color is coming back in both decor and fashion, but I guess I'm still stuck to the black and cream I'm always magnetized to. I found this sweet little cream colored drawer downtown at Indie yesterday while I was out and about with Molly and her friend visiting from St. Louis to tour our alma mater Drury. We had lunch at Farmers Gastropub and walked to a few little shops.

I found this wicker lamp with the burlap shade and bow at STD East a few weeks ago when my mother and I hit the garage sale at the e-plex and then did a little flea marketing. It was cute and pink when I bought it, but I had to give it a coat of black to fit into my craft room. It spurred a total purge and rearrange in that room and I feel so light and inspired now every time I walk in to the cleaned up space.
My friend Amy gave me this awesome book page wreath for Christmas--she has me figured out for sure.
I had no idea the mall would be swamped yesterday when Macauley and I headed there to exchange some shoes of his and to do a little shopping. I found this ruffled black purse and I love that it fits across like a messenger bag. I picked up some comfy, light cardigans with big pockets on clearance as well as some ruffly peasant type tops. The weather has been so nice the last few days--lots of us braved showing arms and bits of legs and toes that haven't seen the light of day for a while.

I tried on a pair of these wedges by Toms and felt like I could shop or teach or jog all day in them. Too big though, so I'm eyeing a pair of size 5s on their website. They're a little pricey, but someone in need gets a pair of shoes every time you buy one, so I think it would be money well-spent. These have me thinking summertime and no school, jean shorts and tank tops, but I have a feeling winter still has some rough days in store for us here in Missouri before it's all said and done. At least we're out of school tomorrow for Presidents Day, with a forecast that will likely draw me out in search of other black and cream goods. Or at least a yummy lunch with my sister.

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Debra@Common Ground said...

I finally made it over to STD this weekend, and found your space. it looks sooooo cute, Hayley. And I LOVE your new blog background and header, cute kitty for sure.


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