12 June 2011

Friday night lights

Our first week of summer vacation flew by in a flash. We spent our first Friday of freedom at the Springfield Cardinals game, attending on a whim after being offered tickets from our neighbor at the last minute. Macauley isn't much of a sports fan, but he was up for it. We had great seats, sixth row right behind home plate.

The game went into 10 innings, which made for a long night, but it ended with a bang when one of the Cardinals cracked the winning hit and the sky immediately lit up with Friday Night Fireworks. I've always loved fireworks like that, but there's just nothing like seeing them through the eyes of my delighted little boy...


(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Looks like a great time! We were there Thursday night and I caught a t-shirt! It was so much fun! ~Kelly

Aunt Karen said...

I'm looking forward to your frequent summer posts...and your reading list!


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