23 June 2011

My busy day

In general, I fancy myself a fairly productive gal most days, but today was not one of them. The house was quiet and I allowed myself the luxury of nestling in to my puffy bed, under the ceiling fan, reading and watching TV while the hours just ticked away. I got up a handful of times--made some sweet tea, broke up a cat brawl on the back porch, took a bunch of random pictures of my kitchen--but kept ending up back in the comfy nest of clean sheets and double comforters.

Ellen. The OC. Two hours of 90210. Two hours of One Tree Hill. Reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan during commercials.

Payton is prego. Now Brooke has to redesign her wedding gown a third time.

My only nourishment for the day. Plus the sweet tea.

Now it's bedtime and Alice and I are wide awake.

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