24 June 2011

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Do you know your neighbors? Just enough to wave as you press the down button on your garage door? Enough to stop for a quick hello as you walk by with the dog? Or enough to ring the doorbell and pop in for a sit down visit on a whim? We advanced toward the latter one evening this week with a progressive dinner at the homes of our nearest neighbors, several of whom are new to the block. First stop was appetizers with Kelly and Travis, who built a beautiful new house on the site two doors down from us where Lance's home burned to the ground last July. They've got 2 baby girls, just 13 months apart! Sydney is 17 months and Garrett is 4 months. They're in the restaurant business and served drinks and apps from Macaroni Grill. Next stop was our house for salad.

After the best tomato soup ever at Chris and Laurie's across the street and diagonal from us (where we got to meet their sweet little 2-year-old Ethan), we had the main course, baked ziti and rolls, next door at Derek and Jennifer's. They've got 3 girls, which reminds me of my family growing up: Paige, Claire and Delaney.

And finally dessert just across the street at Wayne and Stacy's, where Macauley frequently plays with Rex, 4, and Rachel, 8. Everyone loved the huge USA map Stacy recently had decoupaged and painted on her living room wall, ala Restoration Hardware. Very cool.

Turns out we've got some great new friends just steps outside our front door. The moms: Stacy, me, Kelly, Jennifer and Laurie. So glad we made the effort to go beyond honk and wave status...

"They're the people that you meet, when you're walking down the street--they're the people that you meet each day..." (Sesame Street. Remember?)

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maryboys said...

fun! and you'll all reap the benefits of reaching out...



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