13 June 2011

Summer in the City

We took our season passes and hit SDC on Saturday. Lindsay left Tyson's family's lakehouse and met us there. We got there late in the afternoon and swarms of people were leaving as we walked in, so we thought we'd avoid the crowds and lines but we were wrong. I had my heart set on some corn on the cob but the stand was closed. Everywhere we walked the line was long, the ride was closed (someone had thrown up on Thunderation and Fire in the Hole was "broken") or the skillets were cold and clean. So we settled for frozen lemonade, a chat with our retired high school Social Studies teacher who works at the park, and a visit to the Critter Corral.

Even the sweet bunnies were hot--this little one hopped over and plopped herself in front of the box fan just outside their hutch.

We did eventually ride the cleaned up Thunderation and waited in line for The Lost River. There's always one person in the raft on The Lost River that gets more soaked than everyone else. This time that person was me. "Bathtub Wet" as the sign proclaimed. We sat in the kids' area for me to dry out (I didn't) and let Macauley get even more drenched then dripped our way back out to the car and headed home.


T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm not much one for theme parks. They are all so expensive now. A picnic in the park and just running around is so much nicer ... no lines to contend with. My kids finished school last week. Tomorrow is my final day and then 2 months off. :) Have a great week. Tammy

trash talk said...

Would you believe that back in the day, my family spent nearly every summer vacation at Roaring Rivers and Eureka Springs? A trip to SDC was always a huge anticipation for us kids. A lot has changed since way back when, but it's still great memories for me. I can still feel that icy cold water!


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