10 June 2008

Black and White

These are a few pictures of the downstairs of my house, which is decorated in all black and white tones. I have gone through a number phases in my decorating over the years, but this is where I am right now. I can't resist old dominoes, flashcards, old photos, postcards, typewriters, dog figurines, tarnished silver and architectural fragments. I would rather have something old from a flea market than something new...

I got this hutch a few years ago at a flea market in Rogers, Arkansas. I think I paid $100 for it. I painted it black and added glass knobs and at first, I had only milk glass on it. I bought a big box of over 25 pieces of milk glass at a flea market for $9--instant collection. Over time I have added my growing collection of tarnished silver pieces (the more tarnished and cheaper the better) and little vintage dog figurines. I haven't ever really been a dog person, although we have a dog and 3 cats, but I am drawn to little ceramic dogs and vintage toy dogs. I also mixed in a bunch of old cabinet card photos I've picked up over time. They used to cost a lot less than I see them for now, but I am occassionally willing to splurge for a photo I especially love, like this cute little picture of a girl holding two kittens (one black, one white!) and an enormous bow on her head. I bought it on ebay then framed it in a little old frame I had. I hotglued a sparkly black bead on the nail head when I hung it on the wall. The wire rack on the counter in our guest bathroom might be where my black and white movement began, in response to a black and white toile and gingham shower curtain I've had for a while. I know the black and white toile trend might be a little widespread or even played out, but I still love the look of it. The rack is filled with little silver cups, old brushes, some more old photos, and a white bust of a woman I got for $3 at my favorite junk stop. I thought she looked like a 3D version of one of the women on the shower curtain.

I couldn't get those pics placed where I wanted to, and I'm too antsy right now to mess with them. I'll post more later and hopefully get them where I want them. I realize it's not rocket science...For now, though I think I'll make some chocolate chip cookies for Ryan to have when he gets home from work. Very domestic. Have to do something to balance out the healthy chicken breasts we're having for dinner (we've actually been sticking to that plan for a few days now--miracle)!

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Shannon-m said...

Wow good job. You are all pro!
I can't wait to read/see more.

Btw, I sold the red table for $100.. what do men know!


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