13 June 2008

Lightning Bugs or Fireflies?

Like most kids, Macauley has all sorts of toys, movies, video games. He watches way too much TV and way, way too much SpongeBob. So it makes me smile that he is still thrilled when he sees fireflies on summer nights and likes to chase them around and catch them like I did when I was a little girl. I took several pictures of him doing so a couple of nights ago but couldn't capture the bugs' flickers in any of them. I grew up calling them lightning bugs (and, along with my sisters and cousins at our grandparents' house in Oklahama, catching them and putting them in little jars with holes punched in the lid with Papaw's ice pick), but Macauley calls them fireflies and I think that moniker sounds so much more magical. It's kind of like the soda vs. pop debate featured in convenience store commercials right now ("pop" for me growing up--"soda" now, I think). Where do you weigh in on lightning bugs/fireflies?

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Anonymous said...

I have always been a "lightning bug" girl. I miss the days of catching them in a jar...I should make it a point to do that at least once this summer! And as for "pop" vs. "soda", I'm just like you...it used to be "pop", but I think "soda" just sounds so much more grown-up or something:)


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