11 June 2008

Never a dull moment

I initially thought this blog would be mostly about my decorating projects and flea market finds, like the ones I made yesterday (a little black nightstand that will be perfect in my office for my photo printer when/if Ryan hooks it up for me, a few metal 3s--my favorite number, another sad old vintage stuffed dog and a vintage camera). I had to drag Macauley around Charlie's Place with me and bribe him with a Dr. Pepper Diet (which is how it reads on the label and how he always says it) to follow semi-willingly. I have only been to that place a couple of times, but I think it is making it on my list of places for good finds. I made $179 from my own flea market booth at STD Central over the last 3 weeks, so I felt justified in shopping. Not that I need justification. Note the flip-flops and watering can from the Wal-Mart spree made it into the photo as well.

But I have to put down yet another "bathroom moment" Macauley and I had today. I suppose the odds of us having so many humorous bathroom incidents are really favorable because I think we've toured every commode in town throughout his potty-training years, and even now, he has "to go" at least 3 times an hour no matter where we are. And now that I'm writing, I remembered that in the drive-thru at the bank today Macauley had one of those urgent, I've-got-to-go-NOW! moments and there was absolutely nothing I could do but offer him a Doritos bag to pee in. He did it! And thank goodness that chip bag was watertight! One of the, I don't know--joys? of having a boy is that in a bathroom pinch, they are rather adaptable. I can't believe I'm fessing up to having him do that! The even more memorable moment, though, was yet to come--in the women's restroom at CVS Pharmacy where we went to pick up a bunch of pictures I printed to scrapbook and Father's Day cards for this weekend. I will warn you--this little anecdote is indelicate and not for the faint of heart....As I pushed open the restroom door, we were overtaken by the absolute worst smell. As an adult, I instinctively held my breath and pretended not to notice, but my child just couldn't do the same. Macauley looked up at me, waved his hand under his nose and said, "PEE-YEW!" in the most exclamatory tone and I just got cracked up. I couldn't help it. I was trying to laugh silently and shush him but he kept on: "What is that suh-mell?" I told him it was a bathroom and just to deal with it and hurry up and take care of business, but we both kept getting cracked up. The lady in the stall next to us flushed and said, "That smell was in here when I came in!" as she washed her hands and made a hasty exit. I do believe her because some lingering evidence made me think we were in the stall that was the scene of the horrendous crime. We washed our hands and as we hurried out Macauley said, "Man, I feel like I need a shower now. Don't you, Mom?" I had to agree. He had to call his dad and Aunt Lindsay on the way home to tell them all about how someone had "explosive diarrhea" and stunk up the CVS bathroom. And I still couldn't keep from laughing when I listened to him do so...


Alysia said...

OMG - I can't stop laughing!!! That is the funniest story:) I love reading your blog!

Shannon-m said...

ohh good score. I have that same exact nighstand.


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