11 June 2008


Macauley and I spent the morning playing "grocery store" with his shopping cart, cash register and miscellaneous items from his play kitchen (that he rarely touches unless someone else comes over to play) that may or may not actually be found in a grocery store (i.e. an ostrich that he said cost $3000). We took turns being the shopper and the cashier, and I must say the prices in Macauley's store were absolutely exhorbitant (see total on register). I'm not always great about playing make-believe, or even playing much at all, but Macauley was genuinely delighted to have me join in his little game. I should also add that he officially changed his name a couple of days ago to "Dash," the speedy little super-hero kid from The Incredibles. He now will answer to only that, so I kept pretending to page him over the intercom of our "store" by that name to ask him questions. I even did a "Code Adam" on his pet chicken he left behind while shopping. He loved it. Turns out I'm much better at playing pretend "shopping" than I am at pretend trains or car crashes or some of the other boy-type scenarios he creates. Go figure.

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