11 September 2008

Barb's Boudoir

I escaped from school today and headed to my good friend Barb's house to dabble a bit more with her bedroom project. Shannon sent me the coverlet and shams in exchange for another duvet I sent her and I, the bedding broker, hooked Barb up with it. Then, in a stroke of kismet, we discovered that Barb's grandmother's (great-grandmother's?) china coordinated with it beautifully so we hung up a collage of the pieces above the bed, along with the fab window we found at Spring Creek last weekend with her monogram. We both just loved the result.

Then we hung these 3 mirrors we found a long time ago at Hobby Lobby (I love things in 3s) and hung the wreath we also found at Spring Creek.

Barb is so lucky to have a bevy of old photographs of a number of her relatives--what a pretty montage above her cool jewelry tree and a couple of those lovely teacups.

We found this cabinet at Second Time Around a few months ago, and it is really what spurred the whole bedroom transformation if I remember right. Barb painted it white and added the appliques and some cool crystal floral knobs we found at Hobby Lobby. It is topped with a collection of mercury glass candlesticks.

The overall look is glam and feminine and we love it! Barb totally deserves a pretty room like this...and now she needs a day off to lounge in bed, eat bonbons and bask in the beauty around her. What a bright spot in an otherwise taxing day to get to help her with this project. Fun!

1 comment:

Shannon-m said...

that coverlet looks fab in her room. Way better than it looked in my house.. good job decorator Hayley.


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