13 September 2008


We decided to head to Branson late this afternoon and use our season passes to visit Silver Dollar City. It turned out to be a great day there. We went late enough in the day that the crowds had thinned out and it was an overcast day so that helped too. No lines and no stress trying to keep track of Macauley in a hectic crowd.

We didn't do any of the water rides because none of us felt like getting any wetter than we did from the light rain. Macauley likes the area with all the vacuum tubes and balls to suck up.

His favorite is usually the American Plunge, but we just stopped by the Water Tree nearby.

The park was decorated for fall and the weather felt fall-like--so nice.

Lindsay and Tyson also stopped by the park and Ryan rode some of the roller coasters while Macauley and I watched from the observation decks. Macauley got really upset watching Ryan on Powder Keg, which is a really scary one. He did not like seeing his Daddy in "danger."

On the way out, Macauley made a lucky penny...maybe it will help us sell our house!

I'm really glad we went down there. It's nice to have something like that so close.

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