28 September 2008

Big, big bird

Macauley came home from an afternoon with Lindsay and Tyson on Friday (I was getting my hair done) with this little (not) number. He called and asked if he could have a Tweety Bird out of Tyson's garage and I said okay. They pulled up to my hair place with this Tweety taking up an entire seat in the car. My dad came to visit Friday night and took Macauley back to Rogers with him on Saturday so Macauley could help winterize the bathrooms at the camp. What a thrill to ShopVac all the water out of 20 some toilets. Ryan and I have enjoyed a quiet day today but both missed our little bubby as soon as he left.


Shannon-m said...


Joanna said...

the new house is beautiful! Decorating for Christmas is going to be awesome. :) xoxo, Joanna


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