02 September 2008

Thanks for the bday party, Kandace Lynn!

We went to St. Louis this weekend for my childhood friend Kandi's wedding on Saturday, which was also my 32nd birthday. The ceremony was held on the historic Main Street in St. Charles at The Conservatory, a really pretty garden greenhouse--very small and intimate. Very sweet. The reception was at our hotel in nearby St. Peters. It was great to see some of my oldest friends and hang out for a few hours.

The Cassville girls: Tonya Slinkard Varner (a bridesmaid), Casey Clayton Wilson, Kandi Hayworth Wetzel, Hayley Cowan Fraser, Andrea Henningson Beeson and Brandi Hayworth (twin sister of the bride and maid of honor).

We got to meet Andrea's new man, Dave, from Fayetteville and spend time with Tonya's husband Terrell and Casey's husband Mike, who I learned played high school basketball for my dad when we first moved to Cassville in 1984.

We danced the Cotton Eyed Joe and to a couple of other classics. Unfortunately during a stirring rendition of Billie Jean, one of Kandi's bridesmaids fell on the dance floor and landed on the back of Kandi's dress, pulling Kandi backwards and almost to the floor. The bridesmaid for whatever reason could not get up for a while and a big chunk of the tulle off the back of Kandi's dress came with her when she finally did. I'm not sure if she was hurt or not. We were laughing so hard...

It was really nice to get away with Ryan for the weekend and forget about all the stress of school, work and real estate woes. We did a little shopping and he was really sweet to me on my birthday weekend. I love that boy and sometimes we need a break from reality to show each other that we are still in love as much (or more so) as we were the day we walked down the aisle like Kandi and Chris did on Saturday.


Joanna said...

It's always nice to get away... even if just for the weekend. Glad you had a good time. :) xoxo, Joanna

Shannon-m said...

looks like fun.. esp. since you were in my old stomping grounds of St. peters.


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