13 September 2008

Everyday Pretty

I found this old drawer at Spring Creek when I went shopping with Barb last weekend and I knew it would be great holding my jars of detergent in my laundry room. I've had the big jars for a while...why not make utilitarian stuff pretty? I had the dryer sheets in a metal basket, but I switched that out for one of my tarnished silver trays. Laundry is one chore I don't mind doing. I actually like sorting the dirties into piles and folding everything. I don't really like to put laundry away, though. But this old drawer makes me smile and I'm glad I got it.


Shannon-m said...

ohhh good score!

Joanna said...

Very cute. I love the color of the drawer. I used powder a long time ago, now liquid detergent. Got any ideas for that? LOL :) I might have to switch back... having that cute display might stop everyone from piling things onto the top of the dryer. xoxo, Joanna


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