11 September 2008

Worn thin

Oh, I have missed my blogging...school and house selling stress have been wearing me thin. Teaching is one of those jobs that can really take over your life if you let it, and I've been trying not to let it, but it's zapping my creative spirit and even when I have time to blog, I'm just too wiped out to think of anything fun to post. And I'd really like to be excitedly planning to move to my new house after we close on 30 September (because I LOVE that house and can't wait to be there) but we haven't sold our own house yet so we've got that stress and can't move on to the next chapter. And poor Macauley...he feels the tension, too. He tests my patience and I don't have enough to test right now. I try to distract myself from the stress and strain of it all by reading pretty magazines (and dressing up my dog--Barb, I got that from you), but... My sister Lindsay is coming over to make dinner and hang out tonight, and I am going to post a couple of other things tonight that make me smile. Everyone keeps telling me it will be okay and that this too shall pass, and I know that is true, but I just need it to be okay ASAP. As in now.

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