25 November 2009

Field trip

The first graders of Wanda Gray had an excursion to the Discovery Center yesterday morning, and I was honored that Macauley asked me to come along as a chaperone. The place is mostly a science museum and we've been there before, so being the English teacher/verbal person I am, I wasn't all that into going through it all again. But I know the day will come that Macauley doesn't want me to go anywhere with him...

He was most excited about riding the bus, which he never has to/gets to do since we only live a two-minute walk from his school. I had to take him to the dentist later that afternoon and offered to let him just leave the field trip with me and go out to lunch, but he didn't want to miss the ride back across town.

I was assigned to watch my own child and Macauley's buddy Brandon. Brandon has such an impish little face and is always smiling. He cracks me up and is very sweet. The boys got along great and managed to get their paws on most of the interactive displays despite us only having an hour to do the whole museum.

"The world's mine oyster."
~Wm. Shakespeare

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