09 November 2009

KC Getaway

Macauley and I were out of school this past Friday, so Ryan took the day off and we all went to Kansas City for the weekend on a little impromptu getaway. We had been looking at hotels on travelocity the night before, and Macauley really searched and scoured and got his heart set on the Embassy Suites near the Plaza. It met his criteria of having, among other things, a hot tub. So we went. And it turned out to be just the perfect place for us.

We stayed two nights, so Macauley and I unpacked our big bag and made ourselves at home in the hotel's dresser and closet. I've found that when we're staying more than one night somewhere, it's totally worth taking five minutes to empty our suitcases or bags so we don't have to root around to find something to wear.

Macauley was so pleased with our accommodations. We had a separate living room and Ryan set up the laptop so we could check the weather (beautiful) and find directions to the places we wanted to shop and eat.

Macauley politely asked the lady at the front desk if we could have a room on the top floor when we checked in and she kindly obliged. The only room higher than us was the penthouse, and we've already talked about going back and splurging on it. I have no idea how much something like that would cost.

Macauley really does enjoy traveling and going to new places. He's always loved elevators, like most kids probably. This one was enclosed in glass and Macauley pushed the buttons for anyone and everyone who got on with us.

The hotel also had a nice two-level pool (and hot tub!) and we put in a lot of time there. I read an entire book (Push, the very rough novel by Sapphire that has been adapted into the soon-to-be-released movie Precious, produced by Oprah--totally drew me in but not for the faint of heart in terms of language and graphic descriptions of abuse) while Macauley swam and jumped and soaked.

We headed over to visit with Lane and her boyfriend Derek (a good friend of mine and of Ryan for many years--so glad that he is like family now) at Derek's house. We got to hit a Home Goods out in the area on the way. Derek cooked dinner for us and then we all went bowling. As we lined up to pay at the counter, Ryan told the bowling alley guy that we had five people and the guy said, "Okay, that'll be a hundred dollars." Yikes! The place was doing an unlimited bowling special until 2 am and there were no other price options. We bowled our little hearts out trying to get our money's worth but didn't nearly make the 2 am mark. They dimmed the lights and played really loud rap music, so visiting with Lane and Derek was kind of out, but Macauley had a blast and did a really good job hanging out with the adults.

Saturday morning we had a pretty good breakfast provided by the hotel and then we went to do a little shopping at the Plaza.
The Plaza is such a nice place to walk around and shop, and it provided a number of photo ops. Macauley usually gets quickly frustrated by all the pictures I take, but he posed with these dancing penguins on his own accord.

Macauley was such a good boy and so fun to be around the whole weekend, and it really paid off for him. He got to go on a little mini shopping spreed at the toy store Zoom and walked away with a Webkinz llama, a card game and a cool Playmobil camper that is really detailed and totally plays into his love of camping.

After more pool time, we got around and went back to the Plaza Saturday evening for dinner. We were hoping to go to The Melting Pot but the wait was long and it was already late. We ended up at a Mexican place that was so so. The boys let me do some antiquing on our way home Sunday. We had a really great time...just the three of us. We're already planning to go back and do it again.

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