12 November 2009

What I bought

For all the distance out of the way we drove to antique on the way home from our KC weekend, the finds were kind of slim. But I got a few things, including this old black suitcase for $5, which already found a great place on the shelf above my mudroom bench with another little train case I have.

I have quite a collection of small old animals, and this bunny will live with them and maybe venture out to another part of the house during Easter decorating.

I can think of other people in my life who like squirrels, so this little S & P set might move on to one of them. Or I might keep them. I love the soap dish. Very chunky.

I got the LOV to go with an E I already have stashed somewhere. Where that is I can't figure out right now, but it's somewhere.

This soap box and all the Christmas ornaments below are not vintage. This was my haul (in addition to a cute pair of casual Steve Madden moccasins) from the giant Home Goods and Marshall's superstore in Overland Park (I think--119th Avenue maybe?). I could have looked around there much longer, but dinner plans (and my two boys) kept me in hurry mode. That's probably a good thing...


trash talk said...

Old or not...I love the bell ornaments!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Love all your goodies, Hayley! The rabbit and squirrels are so darn cute! Have a wonderful weekend, girl!


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