09 November 2009

What I saw

We made a detour (towards Columbia) on the way home from KC on Sunday to hit a huge antique mall called The Brass Armadillo. It's actually in a little town called Grain Valley, and we stopped at a couple of other small shops in town. I don't know that I will ever request this detour again. I always have fun antiquing, and I did find a few things. But much of what I saw wasn't really what I'm into these days. Fun to look at, though.

We did make it to the gigantic Brass Armadillo and the boys were real troopers and let me walk the whole place. Macauley wanted this huge pumpkin, and it was a pretty good deal I think. I had been to this antique mall once before and remembered it a little differently. There was really only one booth that as a whole caught my eye this time.

I did really like these shutters, which would go well flanking my display hutch in the dining room during the holidays, but I couldn't see us cramming them into the car this trip. The deer makes me sad. Overpopulation, I know...but I still don't like the thought of killing something so beautiful. I just don't see how people are driven to do so, have that thirst to end a life.

These bottles were in the one booth I liked...very shabby.

We did go home with a few things. Not this cute little puppy. Tempting though. A lady and her son had a pickup pulled up to the entrance of the antique mall and were trying to find homes for five farm dog puppies napping in the truckbed. They were all cute in their very mixed breed way and very calm. This one especially was so still and so cuddly to hold. I did briefly have the thought of bringing the copper-colored cutie home and calling her Penny. But I wouldn't want my Booker Bear to be jealous and we certainly don't need another responsibility. You know how it is when you look in a puppy's eyes, though. The little antiquing jaunt added several hours to our journey home, so I appreciate my boys being willing to work it in for me.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

"Awwww, come on mom, can't we get a puppy?" Yep, know the feeling! Looks like you all had a really fun getaway. I know these little trips make for great memories. Missed you at Leola's on Thursday evening. It was really wonderful, but then it always is! Love your "gobbler" post. I'm just a sucker for vintage turkeys, Love all yours on your table. Right now I want to "see" Christmas, but I just can't get it all out yet to decorate.

MickeyMFan said...

OMG--how did you pick up that puppy and not bring him home? I couldn't have do it myself.

And HOW did you come to KC and not call me? Next time you are in town, you have to call me. At least let me take you out to lunch or dinner or meet you somewhere! :)


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