25 June 2010

All set...

...I think. We're headed to the beautiful Buffalo River in Arkansas early tomorrow morning for a float and camping trip with some old friends and their families. I haven't been down there since college, but I remember the beautiful bluffs and clear water and I'm excited for Macauley to see it all and go on his 2nd canoe trip. I've got the 4Runner mostly packed, all the provisions organized in the kitchen ready to compile in the morning, swimsuits laid out, even clean clothes and shower stuff for when we finish on the river and get ready to set up camp. Ray and Yvonne are bringing the makings for carne asada tacos for our dinner, and I'm in charge of hot dogs for the kids and some fresh guacamole. I made a huge batch of chicken salad this afternoon to take out on the canoe for lunch. We've been roasting at 90+ degree temps all week around here, so I am bracing for a balmy night in the family tent. But away we go!

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Julie said...

Hayley, I can't wait to hear about your trip. We used to live next to the buffalo river. It's one of Erik's favorite floats...in fact he has already made a trip down this summer. I hope you all have a wonderful time!!


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