08 June 2010


I've already checked a few things off my non-urgent summer to-do list, and that feels good. I finished up all the final grades for the online class I taught so no more teacher-work for a couple of months. We've been meaning to start running, and we did last night. All 3 of us. 4 of us counting Booker. We took a family jog down the back trail and came home with very muddy feet. It's probably only a mile but we all made it and it's a start. My original goal going into summer was to get up when Ryan gets up for work (still sleeping in over an hour past my normal get up time) and go run and start my day. So far that one hasn't panned out. I didn't even hear him get up and leave this morning. Totally snoozing. When I sleep late, I stay up late, usually reading with the light on in bed. Trying to break that cycle before it gets too out of hand and drives Ryan crazy...

In the attempt to complete even one small organizational task every day or so, I managed to clean out the "junk drawer" yesterday. Does every family have one of these? This is the after, by the way. Still junky but the drawer opens all the way now and I might be able to locate a tape measure. Or two! We recently had custom closets installed and that has changed life around here for the better, too. I'll have to post those. Mine is fabulous.

One thing Macauley has wanted to do forEVER is take his Power Wheels to camp. We've said all along it wouldn't fit in my 4Runner, and I would still maintain that's mostly true. It's crammed in there and the seating is not ideal, but it's in and we're going to camp to see my parents today. I think Macauley has visions of cruising the Ford down to the cafeteria while all the campers stop and stare in awe and envy. We'll see. We're going to head down in a bit, stop at McAlister's in Republic for lunch (I'm hooked on their summer salad, the Savannah Chopped Salad with dried cranberries, almonds and gorgonzola cheese...not to mention the sweet tea) and maybe a little pass through the shops in Billings if we feel like it. Booker will be riding shotgun.


Karee said...

I hope you have fun on your camping adventures. Sounds like you will with macauleys truck. I hope you dont get rained on or attacked by strange creatures. I have finished my first day of camping and despite being tired beyond belief i am wide awake hiding under my sheets hoping they will provide protection:s

Aunt Karen said...

Hayley - I need some recommendations on Texas antiquing spots that you visited last summer. I'm going to make my way to Oklahoma through Texas at the first of July. Let me know what you found!


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