22 June 2010

Flea fun

Macauley and I stopped by a relatively new flea market, Mike's Uniques, one day last week just to see what we could see. We found several good things...an ironstone platter, a cute little silver spoon (pretty beat up), another mini S & P (I have a few of these little sets) and a flour sifter that I plan to use.

A few items for my laundry room, including this petite Daisy washboard, an old wooden hanger and clothes pins. The muffin tin is for organizing my scrapbook notions, which I started yesterday. I've been sorting out supplies to put in my booth and trying to figure out a way to arrange what I want to use so that I'll actually remember what I have.

I got a few other little things, including an adorable mini wrought iron gate that I sent to my sister Lane for her fairy garden she recently planted and this pretty little cup with the rose inside for a gift I'm putting together for another friend.

Macauley and I both fell in love with this umbrella bird feeder and decided we needed it. We set up a little bird cafe in the backyard but so far we haven't seen much traffic. Macauley also scored a horse trailer to hook to the toy Jeep he got when we were in Rogers.

This was only my second visit to this market, and I'm glad to know there is good stuff to be had there since it's not too far from our house. Some things I also liked but left behind:
I can't see how anyone could NOT like the original diva, Miss Piggy...this button made me smile. Clearly Kermie is her 1st favorite thing...

There were 2 of these vintage tissue puffs...I could see them as great 4th of July decor. Same with the wooden flag. Kind of primitive but it could be cute somewhere. My parents will be visiting on July 3rd, and so will Lane, so perhaps I need to go back for these and use them to kick off some pretty vignettes for my guests?
I loved the colors in this old quilt, in such good shape. I hauled a big pile of old quilts up from under the house to wash and put in a safe place. I believe I brought most of them home with me when my Grandpa Cowan was moving out of his old house, but I don't guess I really know the story on them for sure. More on those later...

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