11 June 2010


Macauley and I made it back from visiting my parents at camp in ArkanSAWs (Macauley's pronunciation--I haven't tried too hard to correct him on it) last night. He had a blast driving his truck around and helping out with lots of odd jobs at the camp.

He usually follows my dad around everywhere, or the two college-aged boys that work for him, but his favorite place to help out is the cafeteria, where he helps my mom prepare and serve food, runs the industrial dishwasher or turns discarded food boxes into all sorts of pretend items, this time a car and a vending machine. He got in only a little pool time this trip, but he did go down the slide into the 6 ft. end all by himself. He's made so much progress on his swimming since last summer, another thing about him that we kind of just let happen on its own, like so many other things he's figured out growing up.

He got a lot of comments on his truck, which was what he was hoping for. I did a little antiquing, which is what I was hoping for...I got a couple of little drawers and a silver creamer at The Rose and wished I could have made it to their sister store The Rose Too before closing time.

My mom took me to this cute place in nearby Centerton, Arkansas, and I wish we'd had more time to dig around. Lots of good stuff.

I didn't buy this cute little card table set but I kind of wish I had. It would fit in perfectly at my house if I wanted extra seating for a party or something.

I did buy this tray, maybe a printers tray, with the numbers.

The shop also had lots of little bins full of Scrabble letters and printers blocks and I rooted around in those forever. I brought home a few #3s and these sweet sentiments:
For a possible scrapbook layout...

and for Macauley's room...

My Sunshine came home with a $10 bill from Papa, for all the hard work he put in while we were there, which he spent on this fine musical masterpiece on our grocery run today. He's already asking when we can go back to Arkansaws.

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