13 June 2010

To market

My new friend and neighbor across the street, Stacy, and I sneaked away this afternoon for pedicures and a trip to Charley's Place. Several new booths had been added, and while I only bought a small chippy mirror, there were several other things that caught my eye. This new booth (or new to me--I hadn't been over there in a while) had lots of fabulous things, mostly new as far as I could tell.

I love the big display piece...lots of garden, botanical, bird items...

I almost bought these zinc stands...love those. And I would love to have the tall, simple concrete fountain on my back patio. It was pretty expensive and I can only imagine what Ryan would say if I told him he had to help me haul that one in. But...love it.

Such a great chandelier. I didn't see a price so I'm not sure if it's for sale. We looked around for a while in other booths...

This wicker chair is really big, nice and deep and sturdy, and if I read the sign right was marked down to only $37.50. I can't think of anywhere I need it, but with different cushions, even a new paint color if desired...anyone out there looking for a great chair?

I took a picture of this cabinet the last time I was at Charley's. Still love it. It would fit great under my cubby display piece in the dining room.

This piece used to be in a booth at STD and I have long coveted it. NFS. The dreaded NFS/Display Only...Stacy came home with some great, really tall, rusty, wrought-iron candlesticks. She likes a rustic, almost lodge look, and has a huge new house to furnish. Neither of us bought much but I always leave the flea market inspired. The question is if I'm inspired enough to get under the house and clean out the storage space tomorrow. I'd like to have a big pile of junk on the porch for the DAV truck to pick up when they roll through on Tuesday. But I don't know if I'll have it in me to root around down there tomorrow. I'd rather scrapbook, so maybe the inspiration to do that will hit instead. I just love the feeling of Sunday night in the summertime...a whole week ahead with no real, pressing obligations...

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