24 June 2010

What a dive

We had a great time at the very busy Aquatic Center in nearby Republic yesterday. We had lunch at McAlister's with my friend from school, Amy, and her two little boys, Brendan, 4, and Dylan, 1. There was lots to do in the shallow end of the pool, but Macauley headed for the more adventurous end and I didn't get to visit with Amy as much as we'd hoped. But the kids had fun.

The big event of the day was that Macauley, with no hesitation, jumped right off the high dive--many times! (The picture above is him on the low dive, but you can see how much higher the other board is in the picture above it, behind the ropes.) I attempted to attach a video (I am the worst camerawoman, so shaky!) below if it works. Macauley has really gotten comfortable in the water this summer, and I think swimming will be a lifelong hobby of his...

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Karee said...

Wow I cannot believe he did jumped off the high dive! And then did it over and over again, that is just craziness. I am sure he had fun though that is a pretty fun pool. Did he try the surfing?


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