17 June 2009

Curtain Call

I'm loving the curtains that my friend and personal seamstress extraordinaire made for me when she visited Memorial Day weekend. I had gotten the valances and fabric on ebay and she did the rest. I had to special order the rod from Smith + Noble to fit the span of the sliding doors with side panels that lead out to our screened in porch. I've always been a fan of the Waverly Country House Toile.

The curtains really make the room, I think.

My poor dawg...such a rough life. Another of my favorite fabrics is the Covington Cameo Toile that I had this big comfy chair slipcovered in. I am having curtains made in the same fabric only with a black background for the windows in my kitchen.

That is NOT a cat on the kitchen counter...we don't allow such things around here. That IS laundry folded and piled on the kitchen table, though. Can't seem to put it away, but it is neatly stacked and ready.

My favorite view of the room...from nestled into the puffy couch, feet up on coffee table, watching TV or reading a magazine or both.

And that IS a kitty on the coffee table... We've moved Avrie no less than 6 times over the last 12 years and it is only in this house that she finally seems to be perfectly comfortable with us and doesn't cower and hide and act skittish all the time. Her being on the coffee table, actually wanting some affection and to be in on the action is a big deal. I feel purrfectly comfortable here, too.


common ground said...

Girl, I do believe you're making up for lost time! Love your living room and new curtains. I laughed out loud at the cat on the island. Mine do the same thing. They, at least mine, are not trainable! But, I'm a big softie.

trash talk said...

That is my all time favorite pattern. I think I have some of it (including wallpaper) in every room of my house. Of course now that I've seen the cameo print I have to have it as well.
I have trouble keeping Cat Daddy off the counters too!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love that fabric! It looks absolutely gorgeous...and lucky you, to have such a sweet friend.:)
Your home looks warm, and inviting....love all your special touches.

June said...

Cat, what cat? I didn't see a cat on the kitchen counter. I did see the one on the coffee table, however. Your new drapes are beautiful, as is you whole house.


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