17 June 2009

Fun with new friends

Pretty much ever since we moved to our new house last October, Macauley has been inseparable from the adorable little girl who lives next door. Today is Megan's 6th birthday, and Macauley got to attend her otherwise family-only birthday lunch at her house. He gave her a stuffed Maltese Pucci Pup in a purple carrier with a spare "sporty pup" outfit. After lunch he ran back home and asked if he could go to the Stone Meadow pool with Megan and her cousins. He wiggled excitedly into his bathing suit and said, "Mom. Can you even believe this is happening?????" I love that he gets so excited by the seemingly smallest of things. I hope he holds on to that as long as he possibly can...

1 comment:

trash talk said...

Me too, Mom, me too. They are only little once.
BTW, is sporty pup one of the Spice Girls? lol


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