17 June 2009

Fun with old friends

We attended the Lambda Chi Alpha Centennial celebrations here in town this weekend and lots of our friends did, too. Friday night was a casual affair at the Shrine Mosque and then Saturday night was a fancier dinner and presentation at Highland Springs Country Club.

There were Lambda Chis who graduated all the way back in the 1950s (and a couple beyond that, I think). Our group was the 1990s. Of course all these boys are good friends (and brothers) to Ryan, but many of them were my good friends in college as well, even before Ryan and I were a couple.

Each year, the chapter chooses one girl they like to hang out with and name her Crescent Girl. There were a few of us there who held the title when we were in college. My good friend and former suitemate Jen, to the left of me in the photo, was CG in 1995 and I was CG in 1996, if I remember right.

The married couples are all locals and we all get our families together from time to time. It's a scene much different from our college days when we do. Kids everywhere. But it's fun to get together with old friends and talk about the old days and where we've all ended up.

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