10 June 2009

Powder Room Redeux

I posted pictures of the page pasting project, but this is how the powder room turned out after taking out the huge marble vanity, the glued on mirror and the silver sconce and replacing them with a vessel sink atop an old nightstand, a collection of mirrors and a rewired old sconce.

I find lamplight most flattering, so I thought a little lamp to turn on during parties would make people feel good. I found this one at a flea market on 50% off and then tied a $1 scarf I had around the shade.

I screwed in this vintage glass towel bar all by myself! I've gotten somewhat proficient with the power drill/screwdriver because I hate having to ask Ryan to hang stuff. I have been picking up pretty little cream linens to use and rotate. I still need to get some cute hand soap.

I found the sconce at The Seedbox Spring Open House and had it rewired for about $20. I had the metal wreath piece and decided to add it, too. I might put a shade on the bulb later or maybe not.

I tucked in a couple of my favorite old black and white postcards around the mirror.

Instead of one mirror, I wanted several. The one with the silouhette is an ebay purchase that arrived very lazily packed and broken in half. I could have gone to all the trouble to send it back, but I really loved it so I just used epoxy to reattach the broken part. Those are buttons strung through to attach the wire for hanging on the back. It's cracked and imperfect and I wish it wasn't quite so, but...oh well.

The little nightstand is also from The Seedbox. I changed out wooden knobs for some glass knobs from Hobby Lobby that are kind of a foggy yellowish color.

I found the shelf a while back at Spring Creek and hung it above the toilet then filled it with lots of goodies. I'm sure all the males who visit our house will find it an interesting focal point.

A total transformation...and an accurate reflection of my current style.


Denise said...

I love it all! That cupboard above the toilet is so wonderful.....and all those mirrors...wonderful!

Polly said...

Hi Hayley! One of my blog followers directed me to your blog to check out your bathroom. I am trying to decided if I want to decoupage pages in my guest bath as border. Yours looks great! Was it difficult? Take forever? And, do you know if it is hard to remove? I really like your blog! Thanks, Polly

P.S. We have the same blog design from Shabby Creations!!! Don't you just love it?!?!


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