21 June 2009


As Ryan pointed out (I didn't need him to, I am very aware), I come home with something every time I take stuff to my booth at the flea market. I think he was implying that it kind of defeats the purpose, but I would say, as I have before, that it's out with the old and in with the new. This time I found an ironstone soap dish that looks like it has all sorts of history to it and was $6. Aunt Karen: I was thinking you collect ironstone or maybe white pottery in general? I am just beginning to really love ironstone, so we need to compare perhaps. I also found a little jar of white buttons for $1.25 and some old thread for $2 that I just liked.

This little wire stand was only $3 and I think I will paint it black and put it on my kitchen counter. It is very petite, but I think it's a good size for butter pats, like the 3 I also found.

On a whim, I stopped at the Council for the Blind New Image Thrift Store, and just as I remembered, that place prices their stuff way beyond thrift store prices and with questionable logic. For example, I saw a couch for $29.98. Fine. Then I saw a grab bag of a couple of sewing notions for $8.98. And I saw a literature book for $59.98. I'm thinking thrift store dishes and knicknacks and books and such should run about a $1 each or less, but maybe that's just me. I did bring home this little cloche, which was 91 cents (more like it) and just happened to fit on this silver plate that was $1.91. The little white creamer was $3.93, but I'm glad I decided to get it. I think it was worth it. It's kind of funny how I reason through how much to spend on something, I guess. I'm usually up for spending a little on something I really love, but isn't it so much more fun when you find a real treasure that someone else thought was only worth $1 to them? I love those kinds of finds.

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