04 September 2010


One thing on my agenda for this holiday weekend is to write thank you notes to all of my sweet friends and family who spoiled me on my 34th birthday this past week. Lindsay and Lane gifted me the huge ironstone platter I had spotted at Leola's, as well as the cute stool.

I also got lots of thoughtful gifts from my friends, too: the red faceted candle urn from Steph and Adrian, The Postmistress from Janice, the little coin purse and several other edible goodies plus lunch from McAlister's at school from Amy, the mani/pedi certificate from Yvonne and Ray and the Banana Republic card from my college roommate Julie, who I got to hang out with last night.

Ryan indulged my every whim all week, and gave me this Merlotte's tee in a nod to one of our favorite shows to watch together. Macauley picked out the candles for me...Ryan said Macauley also took a really long time picking out my card, which has music and a recorded message inside.

My in-laws gave me a card with some shopping money inside, plus my father-in-law handmade a really neat stepstool for me that I am going to try to paint this weekend. He is quite handy. My mom and dad gave me a card for the Maxx, so I believe some shopping will be done this weekend. I feel so lucky to have such generous and thoughtful people around me, people who made turning another year older nothing but fun.

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Christy said...

hey thx for the comments. I picked up some measuring silver spoons and a tea towel., and a couple of gifts at Anthropologie. I will post pics soon, I saw some other things I might order online. I really like the ruched duvet cover, and the one with ruffles, but they are out of my price range right now : (


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