18 September 2010

Seen and noted

Ryan took me to our new Relics antique mall on Labor Day weekend, and I saw lots of things I liked. I've even made a little list of things to go back and check on, maybe today or tomorrow. I believe a lady named Robin has this large booth with all sorts of pretty things, lots of them new with a vintage-feel, but also some old pieces and lots of restaurantware from the former Riverside Inn. I love her burlap curtain fringed with old silverware.

Another booth had several really cute old photos...I liked them all.

I kind of had my eye out for black and white, Halloween or fall-tinged items (in part for the Halloween swap I'm doing with Mary from Vintage Patina), and I saw several things. I've always wanted one (or several) of the Dundee marmalade jars, and I hope that one is still there when I go back. Not sure why I didn't just buy it then...

It just doesn't really feel like fall here yet with the temps still in the upper 80s. My neighbor whose house burned down this summer has sold the entire structure and lot as is to a builder and I asked him if I could dig out some of his lush and established hostas and monkey grass to use before it's all destroyed. He said I could, but now I don't know how much manual labor I'm up for this weekend. Also, I am not an experienced gardener, and I'm a little unsure of exactly what to do with the stuff when we don't have a new planting site prepared really. So perhaps I should just go antiquing and give the dig project a little more thought...


julie & joe said...

Hostas are fairly easy to transplant. Wet some newspaper really well....line a box lid and put the hostas in it. Hostas are actually bulbs so they should do fine. Not sure about the monkey grass but I would imagine it ill do about the same.

Polly said...

Just saw some very cool things in this post!! Those burlap hanging lights, the lockers, and that galvanized tin plant stake! I have been keeping my eyes open for a couple of those marmalade jars myself....I have found two but they were not affordable!

Great post Hayley!


Linda Gilliam said...

Lol, you are an enabler, went to Relics yesterday to Robin's booth, oh my, I love it ALL!
Thanks for feeding my addictions Haley and by the way, write me a note and tell me where the stand is where you found the white pumpkins...I SO want a few for my decorating...this is SHUCK's Mom Linda, my email address is redparrot53@mchsi.com


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