13 September 2010

Hey Jude

Well, we won't be winning any Most Photogenic Family awards any time soon, I suppose, but we did have a good visit with my Grandpa Jude this past weekend. We showed him all around our house, inside and out. He seemed to especially like our screened porch and the island in the kitchen. When he left to go to Lindsay's house, he shook Ryan's hand and said, "Ryan, I really like your house." And Ryan said, "Well, I really like your granddaughter."

I poured my grandpa a cup of root beer with a straw and he sat on the couch with my dad and watched the OU game for a bit with Ryan. They spent the afternoon with us then took Macauley with them to stay in a hotel near Bass Pro Saturday evening while Ryan and I went to dinner with some friends we already had plans with. We all met for breakfast the next morning then they were on the road back to Muskogee. I'm so glad my grandpa got to see where we live, put my life in context a bit. He told Lindsay that he always tells everyone how proud he is of all of us, how he likes to tell people that Lindsay and I "teach school." He's just so sweet and soft, so sharp-minded, too. I told him he could move into the house for sale next door to us and we'd take care of him. He just chuckled. It's a huge house. Far from his home.

It was so nice to have a clean house to lounge around in on Sunday. The 49ers got beat pretty bad, which put a damper on Ryan's day, but I took a couple of naps (yes, more than one) and then we went for a family run/bike ride on the Greenways trail. Such a nice weekend, the highlight of which was squeezing my sweet Grandpa Jude and knowing I make him proud.


trash talk said...

Hayley, this was just the sweetest post. I'm crying happy tears for y'all. What a lovely memory you've created for Macauley...and for Mr. Jude! Just beautiful!
BTW...I really like his granddaughter too!

Karee said...

Isn't it so nice to have family over? Your grandpa sounds like such a cute old man!
PS That purple looks really good on you!


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