10 September 2010

It's all downtown

Wow. It's already the weekend again and I'm still thinking about how nice the last one was. We did all sorts of stuff around town on Labor Day Weekend. Macauley went to the lake with Megan on Monday, so Ryan helped me take a vanity I painted to my flea market booth then we browsed some of the places in downtown Springfield we hadn't been to yet. We had a good lunch at Pickleman's, and while my veggie pizza was so delightful I ate enough for at least 2 people, I have to say their sweet tea was the high point. Right up there with McAlister's. That's saying something.

Next door is a new bakery, The Cup. My belly was full of multiple tea refills (oh--and the entire pizza) but Ryan got a peanut butter cup cupcake and we picked up some iced sugar cookies to go for the kids. It's a cute little place and I hope it does well.

Everyone seems to be embracing the new Bistro Market, opened up just a few weeks ago by our local Price Cutter chain. They have a big buffet and salad bar that were super busy, as well as most of your general grocery needs (and then some), just presented in a more urban, charming way. We will head back soon to try the food, I think.
We were sure sad to see one of our favorite restaurants all shuttered up, especially because Bijan's had been owned by a guy I grew up with in Cassville. I so wish it would have worked out for him. And I so wish I could have that risotto and the mushroom appetizer again. I still mourn the fact that I will never have Taco House chips and cheese sauce or Anita's supreme pizza ever, ever again, both restaurants I grew up with having closed down a while back in my hometown. Owning a business is tough--just ask the super smart boy in the green shirt and cool shades. He knows a thing or two about making one work. He's so cute.

Each time we are downtown we resolve to visit this revitalized area more often. I'm thinking we really will this fall, when the weather gets yummy for walking about and buffet mashed potatoes would just hit the spot...


Debra@Common Ground said...

I'm really looking forward to hit this new spot, EVERYONE says how cool and urban it is. Spfd has needed something like this for a long time, and what a great setting. That is such a neat building, glad it's being used for something amazing like this!
And Orange Leaf?...good grief, standing in line for 15 minutes was sooooo worth it, just wish they had low sugar!

Alicia said...

Bijan's closed? What the??


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