23 September 2010

Go, go, go

It has been a busy week. I managed to dig up all the hostas I could ever want from the burned-down house, and I managed to build an amateur flowerbed with some rough stone bricks and filled with 15+ bags of soil all along my new back stairs, and I managed to plant all the hostas and a few other things. All after teaching school all day (it's Homecoming week so the place is abuzz). Today I worked until after dark and I feel as beat up as these guys probably did. I didn't have the energy to pull up the monkey grass I had my eye on. I may never get to that one. But maybe next week...it's supposed to cool off, I think.
As worn out as I am, I am excited that Ryan and I are headed to Kansas City tomorrow evening for a fun shopping getaway and to see his 49ers play the Chiefs on Sunday. We'll go to the Plaza, have dinner with Lane and Derek, and hopefully fit in a trip to the Curious Sofa. I'm about halfway packed and will finish when I race home after school tomorrow. For now, though, this tired girl is off to bed.

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