26 June 2012


I've always thought it would be a little pair of goats named Romeo & Juliet that would make my country/farmhouse dreams come true, but after reading this snippet in the most recent Country Living, I'm feeling a small herd of these adorable alpacas might be just as lovely a choice.  The country vet suggested this breed is rarely aggressive and ideal for "inexperienced keepers." The most endearing bit of info, however, is this:  "Given their short stature, alpacas are easy to transport in a minivan or an SUV for visits to the vet (they'll climb in and "cush," tucking their legs under their bodies)."  I can just see me now, cruising around town with Macauley up front and a couple of alpacas "cushed" up in the backseat of my 4Runner...I'm sold.

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Aunt Karen said...

Love it!


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