24 June 2012

Third annual

We just got home from our third trip to the Buffalo River in Arkansas with our good college friends and all the kids.  It wasn't as stormy as our first year, and it wasn't quite as hot as last year.  We camped out two nights in the same campground at Tyler Bend and went on the shorter float but took our time and made lots of stops to swim.  Roughing it is really hard work--there's so much prep involved--but once I'm there with our friends there is such a comfort level and lots of laughing.  We missed having Lane and Derek with us this year.  Ryan and I decided we might want to pack earplugs and sleeping masks for next time.  The birds were out before dawn and going strong before 6 a.m. and the tent lit up at sunrise.  We're already formulating plans to do a fall campout at Roaring River with this group in October.  I'd like to take sweet Booker T. some time when it's just the three of us to see how he would do.  He spent the weekend with Ryan's parents and their dog Baxter in Bolivar and came home with a scratched paw.  Poor baby.  We are nestling in to the AC for movies and little movement tonight.  A fun weekend...

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