29 June 2012

Birds of a feather

Lane has been in town for work all week (she oversees 30+ Francesca's boutiques in the Midwest including the two in Springfield and Branson) and it's been so nice having her around.  We went downtown for a little sisters' night out Wednesday--dinner at the cutest restaurant ever The Aviary and then to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  (Macauley and I joined friends for Mirror, Mirror at the dollar movies the day before--both were interesting takes on the classic tale that I might be able to use in my Film as Lit class next spring, but neither were anything of major note.)

There are precious bird-themed and vintage details everywhere you look in the historic space, even in the bathrooms, where there are fairy lights in branches around the mirror and frosted deer wearing crowns.  I thought the framed glasses with the nameplates for their former owners was a brilliant, nostalgic idea.

Lane will head back to KC after work today, and Macauley and Ryan and I will join Lindsay and Tyson at their lake house on Table Rock tonight or early tomorrow morning.  We went to Houlihan's last night and talked wedding details and ideas.  One thing we settled on was Lane walking in to Coldplay's "Til Kingdom Come" played by a friend of theirs.  We discussed the bridesmaids (Lindsay, me, Wylie and Renee) wearing different dresses in the same shade of coral, each with a different yellow accent like a necklace or a flower in our hair.  It's not until 18 May 2013 but the ideas are already swirling. Lindsay and I plan to flock north at the end of July to see the venue and Lane's new house.  I'll miss her until then...


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Just LOVE the Aviary. I took my friend Anne and her husband to lunch there while they were in town, then happened to find Blu Sesame down the street. wow, that was so yummy! sounds like fun wedding plans you all are working on!

Aunt Karen said...

Lovely post. I feel like I got to visit with 3 of my favorite nieces! Love you each so very much!
I'm flying to Tulsa tonight for a short visit with Mom. Wish you could join us. I'll be there until early Saturday morning.
Happy 4th of July!!


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