17 June 2012

Father's Day 2012

 We took Ryan out this morning for breakfast at a Springfield institution.  When you walk inside Aunt Martha's Pancake House, you're transported back several decades, so who knew that the place has its very own website?  It's one of Ryan's very favorite places to eat (he gets the blueberry pancakes with no blueberry sauce on top), and when we go we always have to wait in line for a table. 

We spent the afternoon touring several of the homes on the Springfield Home Builders Association Parade of Homes.  I took pictures of one we all really liked; I'll have to post those.  Then we made a quick trip to the mall and I got some featherish bangles at F21.  Dinner at the Villa.  The boys hit the pool for a bit when we got home and then tonight we went out on the trail so I could finish my Week 1 runs on my Couch to 5K. Last night we made a quick trip to Bolivar to check in on Ryan's best, best friend since first grade--his dad is in the ICU and not expected to make it through the week.  Cancer.  I'm sure this Father's Day feels different for his family.  Makes me that much more grateful for my kind, funny, healthy dad and my sweet, loyal, handsome, healthy husband...

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