11 June 2012

Diving in

My sweet boy has taken on a new adventure this summer:  He joined the Spring Creek Swim Team.  Every morning--yes, every morning--at 9 a.m. we drive over to the Spring Creek neighborhood pool (which is incidentally practically in Ryan's grandpa Earl's backyard) for practice. The team is all ages, with a beginner group at 9 and a veteran group after.  We had some fuh-ree-zing practices the first week, and then today a torrential rainstorm rolled in just as practice was getting started. (The little bottom in the air below makes me giggle.) 

We had to get the official gear, hence the ultra adorable mini Speedo jammers (you should see them laying out to dry on the counter--so tiny).  Plus goggles, swim cap and team t-shirt.
Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 8:20 a.m., is the first meet at the Meador Pool over by the mall.  We've only been practicing a week and a half...Good thing our team is more casual and not cut-throat. Macauley will probably do the 25 m freestyle and breaststroke.  I've got a cooler of Gatorade and protein bars packed, along with lots of reading material for me--the schedule for the event reads "8:20-????"  Oh well.  I'm so proud of my little bubby for diving in and trying something new...

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summersundays-jw said...

My grands swim with the Southern Hills team so if you run into Stella or Phoebe Riddle, watch out! Sage is in an older group but he wears those same swim trunks. So darn cute! Have a great summer! Jan


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